︎︎︎ In the face of escalating global climate change, and its ecological repercussions, a multi-disciplinary collective of thinkers and practitioners, motivated by both scientific and spiritual aspirations, attempt to realize what they consider to be our only solution. The goal is to shift the human species out of the ecological role of consumer and into that of primary producer; remaking ourselves into substrates for the living world. After advancements in our understanding of the ecology and genomics of microbial life, coupled with the precision of human gene-editing technology, they begin the project of realigning the human condition within the global ecology. Modified before conception, children would be born with entirely synthetic immune systems, weaker and yet more enduring, and with metabolic cycles unlike any organism on earth. With these bodies they play host to trillions of microbial colonies which live and multiply on and in every bit of tissue, fluid, and organ; thus inducing a state of endosymbiosis. In this way, the entire resource cycle, of consumption and waste, across trillions of distinct beings is all contained within a single body; erasing the singularity of any one of them.

This project was completed in collaboration with Chian Liao and Wesley Evans, and features Rory Cullen and Evangeline Neuhart.