︎︎︎ This project seeks to deliver a test-bed solution for rammed earth housing development in Slovenia. Operating as both a pavilion and a workspace, the Floating roof Over Dirt is designed to allow rammed earth experimentation and development under semi-controlled conditions.

As a modern iteration of the Dobrava Floating Roof designed by Oton Jugovec, the Floating roof Over Dirt accomplishes many of the same tasks as its predecessor, but makes use of modern materials and construction methods. Beneath the roof, a poured slab is provided as a blank canvas for rammed earth experimentation and analysis. A plan for an initial rammed earth structure is provided. This house takes a modular approach to rammed earth home design by utilizing three wall thicknesses, each with a full and half length option. These building blocks can be arranged to create many iterations of the home. By using this common set of wall blocks each iteration will behave similarly, allowing rapid design and construction within a range of expected results.
By sheltering the rammed earth, one is allowed to experiment in more daring fashion. The construction, protection, and lighting of the construction space facilitates an experimental culture that is able to build, test, and crucially, document the objects and architectural features made during the research program.

Floating roof Over Dirt stacks rammed earth walls over concrete pad, with double lightweight steel roofs over top; permitting the atmospheric diffusion of light throughout the environment.

This project was completed in collaboration with Jesse Gates for Activity.Concept.Place.