→ The St Moritz Wellness Retreat 2 center seeks to establish a multi-planar solution for achieving optimum wellness, health, and nourishment. Through a diverse palette of materials and planes of operation, the project operates below, within, on top of, and above the earth, allowing visitors to recede into or emerge from nature as they please. Equipped with facilities for meditation, physical exercise, rest, play, and animal interaction, the project addresses the many multiplicities of wellness in our modern age.
St Moritz Wellness Retreat 2 operates in the round, making use of meadow, lake, and forest that surrounds the center. Visitors are encouraged to adopt this mentality during their stay, and are expected to make use of all areas of wellness. Meander around the dirt and stone structure, and let your instincts guide you into various spaces of wellness.

This project was completed in collaboration with Jesse Gates for Activity.Concept.Place.