Cameron McCormick
©2023 Cameron McCormick

Cameron McCormick↗ received a BFA with emphasis in Architectural Design from James Madison University, and a Master in Architecture from SCI-Arc.

I am a designer with a strong ‘generalist’ approach to design: I believe design is a multidisciplinary act with foundational prinicples that span industries, tools, and processes. I have strong interests in designing user experiences and tools.

What I enjoy most is ideating, innovating, and making discoveries throughout the design process.

These are some things I think I'm good at:

  • Working in/with design systems
  • Solving complex and/or nuanced problems
  • Thinking in networks
  • Thinking in space
  • Thinking beyond inital concepts
  • Working with a team/in a partnership
  • Learning new tools

This is a summary of my experience:

  • Computational Design Developer @ DLR Group (Present)
  • Architectural Designer @ Safdie Architects (Past)
  • Architectural Designer @ Shepley Bulfinch (Past)
  • Freelance Animation and Cinematography @ Certain Measures (Past)
  • UX/UI Research Associate for AI Sandbox @ SCI-Arc (Past)
  • Assistant Teacher for Design Studio @ SCI-Arc (Past)

I've hand coded this site - it's both a work in progress and a personal learning exercise.